Business Development Manager Average Salary

Business Development Manager manages crew of business development associates. Building business strategies to facilitate company development. Being a Business Development Manager identifies and assist to build strategic relationships with partners or potential customers.

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Works with other departments to make sure an alignment of company goals, as created by senior management. Additionally, Business Development Manager evaluates suitable information to forecast the return on future business transactions.

Designs and specify terms of business agreements. Requires a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or finance. Normally reports to a manager. The Business Development Manager manages subaltern staff in the daily performance of their jobs.

True first level manager. Make sure that project/department milestones/targets are met and adhering to approved budgets. Has full authority for personnel actions. To be a Business Development Manager typically need 5 years experience in the related field as an individual contributor. one to three years supervisory experience may be required. Extensive knowledge of the function and department processes.

The national average salary for Business Development Manager is $83,119 per year in U SA. Filter by location to see Business Development Manager salaries in your state. Salaries estimates are based on 14372 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Business Development Manager employees.

What does a Business Development Manager Tasks?

Business development managers are professional who make sure the continued success of a company. They assist corporation achieve their business targets by applying their knowledge of business theories, and experience in the market. Business development managers evaluate the market opportunities, and studying specific goals markets that could help an company gain its full potential.

Average base salary: 14.1k salaries reported, updated at November 20, 2021

$71,603 per year, The average salary for a business development manager is $71,603 per year in the USA $25,200 commission per year, and $10,000 profit sharing per year.

Manages in the planning, research, analyzing, and development of organization’s objectives and strategic plans in order to gain business opportunities, growth, and financial profitability. Creates plans to achieve growth, and financial profitability via acquisitions, mergers, and/or divestitures.

Oversees and contributes to the build and research of development on company strengths, identifying potential new markets, and business opportunities, increasing… share of market, and maintain a competitive position in the industry. So, are you in?



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