Career Trends: Jobs that are now dominated by Women

The maps of the U.S. job market has changed considerably in recent years. One of the most notable trends is the increasing participation of women in the workforce. In 2000, women held approximately 40.5 percent of all jobs in the United States. As of 2016, 43.1 percent of all U.S. workers were female.

The overall uptick in the labor force participation of women obscures the massive changes that have occurred in some professions. In some occupations, the shares of women workers climbed by over 20% points since the turn of the millennium.

Many of the jobs in which female participation is increasing most rapidly are high paying. In half of the jobs on this list, median earnings for women are higher than the median wage for all workers of $45,860. Still, women do not earn more than their male counterparts in any of the jobs on this list.

Men and women each tend to sort into different jobs, which largely explains the gender pay gap in the United States. The rising shares of women in certain high paying jobs therefore helps explain gains made closing the gender pay gap. In 2000, women earned just 73 cents for every dollar men earned. As of 2016, the gender pay gap narrowed to 80 cents on the dollar. With a handful of exceptions, the gender pay gap shrank in the majority of jobs on this list.

If you’re looking for a job or thinking about making a career change, consider one of these careers where women are being welcomed and climbing on up. More than half of all workers in the following 20 jobs are women.

1. Public Relations Specialists

In 2000, women represented 58.9 percent of public relations specialists. In 2016, they represented 65.3 percent.

  • Median earnings: $65,386

2. Office Machine Operators

In 2000, women represented 56.4 percent of office machine operators. In 2016, they represented 62.9 percent.

  • Median earnings: $30,788

3. Social and Community Service Managers

In 2000, women represented 62.7 percent of social and community service managers. In 2016, they represented 69.32.9 percent.

  • Median earnings: $56,610

4. Production, Planning and Expediting Clerks

In 2000, women represented 50.6 percent of production, planning and expediting clerks. In 2016, they represented 57.3 percent.

  • Median earnings: $48,582

5. Parking Enforcement Officers

In 2000, women represented 44 percent of parking enforcement officers. In 2016, they represented 50.8 percent.

  • Median earnings: $39,298

6. Technical Writers

In 2000, women represented 51.4 percent of technical writers. In 2016, they represented 58.2 percent.

  • Median earnings: $71,388

7. Lodging Managers

In 2000, women represented 45.8 percent of lodging managers. In 2016, they represented 52.7 percent.

  • Median earnings: $45,875

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