Does Life Get Boring After Marriage?

Married women, how often do you get told by your single friends that you have turned boring after your wedding? Every time you cancel a plan and prefer to stay at home? Or while you were getting married, how many times were you advised not to get married? Marriage does bring in a lot of change where you end up devoting more time to your family willingly and that’s absolutely okay. Marriage somehow has been perceived as a boring institution by most single peeps. In fact, there have been surveys stating that life gets duller after two years of marriage. We got in touch with real women who have been married for years to tell us what they feel about it.

As a human being you are ultimately designed to be unsatisfied. With everything. Once you have a job for so long you want to quit, be promoted, go back to school, switch careers, etc. If you have the same haircut or hair color too long, you start to feel your look is stale. The restaurant you once loved, raved about, and went to once a week is now passé, and you don’t even look in the window when you pass it anymore. You are over it.

And once you get beyond the excitement of the novelty of marriage, the honeymoon stage, the fun of buying a house and filling it with furniture, you settle in for a comfortable routine. And that routine can drive people insane, lead them astray, but ultimately fill them with boredom that they try their best to shake off.

Boredom in Marriage Isn’t a Reason to Get Divorced or Cheat. Being bored doesn’t mean you are not the marrying kind of person afterall. And it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right person in your life or should cheat. It simply means you need to change your perspective and take a little action.

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