Don’t Believe These 5 Myths About Belly Fat!

2 min readMar 13, 2023
Belly fat in woman

Excess fat storage has been linked to several chronic diseases. However, storing fat in certain areas of your body actually has a worse effect on health.
In general, women have a higher body fat percentage than men. If women carry more fat around their legs, hips, buttocks, chest, and upper arms, then men have more visceral fat stored in and around the abdominal organs.

Visceral fat or belly fat that accumulates around the abdomen should be watched out for. This is always associated with serious diseases and potentially cancerous.
Here are some myths about belly fat that you should know about.

Having a Target for Weight Loss is Impossible
No amount of exercise will help you reduce fat in certain areas. You’ll slowly lose weight from every area of your body — thighs, arms, and belly.
Having a weight loss target is something that is impossible. Exercises like crunches, v-ups do activate the muscles around your stomach, but that doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight faster.

Certain Foods can Burn Your Belly Fat
Some people believe that eating foods such as spicy foods can help burn belly fat faster. However, these are just claims and do not show any proof and results.
There is only a slight chance that it can boost your metabolism, which can speed up the weight loss process. But it won’t help you lose weight specifically from the stomach area.

Belly Fat is the same as Other Body Fat
Many people think that all types of fat in the body are the same, but they are not. Fat that accumulates around the abdominal area is much more dangerous than fat that is in other body parts.
Abdominal fat, also known as visceral fat, accumulates deep under the skin, around the organs, and often causes health problems such as insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Wearing a Tummy Tuck can be Effective
You may find many ads for tummy tucks on television promising quick results. Let us tell you that the fancy equipment doesn’t really work.
There’s no shortcut to getting rid of belly fat, at least not by using these devices. To reduce body weight including belly fat, exercise and diet are musts.

Avoiding Fatty Foods will Help to Prevent Belly Fat
Eating fatty foods is not something that causes a big belly. It is a result of unhealthy eating patterns, inactivity, sleeping patterns, and other lifestyle habits.
Only by making changes in each area and practicing healthy lifestyle habits can you shed inches from your waistline.

Simple Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat