Should You Tip Your Dog Groomer?

3 min readDec 14, 2021

Pet grooming isn’t just about keeping our pets clean, it’s part of their overall health plan. Whether it’s keeping your dog/cat’s coat from getting tangled, looking for unpleasant patches of skin, or keeping your nails long. To be a good pet owner definitely includes a grooming routine.

pet grooming

Whether small and furry or giant and sleek, all dogs (and cats) can benefit from professional grooming services. Prices for professional grooming also vary, and a consistent question is: do I need to tip my groomer? The short answer to that question is yes. But the full answer is more detailed than that. Here’s what you should know about groomers, groomers, and why you should tip the person who shaves your pup.

1. They’re Doing Good Pet Grooming Service for You

Just think. You tip most person who done pet grooming services for you. You tip waiters, delivery drivers, hairdressers, taxi drivers…the list goes on. It’s practically ingrained in American culture at this point. So, why would you leave a dog groomer off the list?

A dog groomer is doing a service for you, and one that can be unpleasant at times. The dog may have a nasty temper or may be old or sensitive. The dogs/cats are your babies to you, but to someone else, they may be a bit of handful. Therefore, you should always tip the dog nurse for services that you cannot complete on your own.

2. They Endeavor to Deal with Picky Customers

You may love the dog groomer and think they do a great job. But if you’ve ever worked in the service industry, you understand that person can be petty and picky. Working in the service industry is exhausting, and they maybe have hard times where they want to throw down the clippers and walk away.

Since they voluntarily put themselves in “danger’s way” like this, you should let them aware you appreciate them, even if other customers can be picky or rude. A tip is a little bit more to say thank you for handle with people that might not be so easy to please.

3. You Love Their Work

Does your pet groomer always bring the dog back smelling good and fresh? Do they give them a great cut that makes them positively radiate? Does your dog prance around afterward?

And most crucial, does the dog act like they like that human?

If so, you should give them an even more generous tip than you would as a standard thank you. This is because you’re acknowledging that they’ve perform a great job.

Of course, anybody could have cut the dog’s hair, but a groomer that your dog loves and who done well? That’s priceless. As such, they should definitely be rewarded. After all, it gives them a greater incentive to do well and ensures your dog/cat is always a priority with them.