Types of Women and Their Personalities

A cool personality is something that everyone wishes to have. Not many can admit this, but people love it when they are appreciated and loved for their personality. The beauty of being human is that each one of us has a unique trait or personality that differentiates them from the next person. The various personalities are what makes us interesting beings. Some women have combined personalities which not only makes them more fascinating but also thrilling to hang around. You have met different types of women in your life. Personalities don’t have to be grouped as either good or bad. Some are funny, crazy, and thrilling. That is what makes the different personalities amusing.

Here are several types of girls that guys date, and because I’m a fan of movies, for each of the types I’ll make reference to a movie character. This will make things interesting for you. So, let’s explore the types of girl personalities here.

The Playgirl

Scarlett Johansson as Anna in “he’s just not that into you”. she flirts with a married man, and when she fails to get him, she uses another man as her escape.

Miss Playgirl has every aspect of a perfect girl. She is beautiful, attractive, charming, and has a good sense of humor. She is perfectly capable of making a guy feels wanted. And, she is somewhat fashionable and has many friends, especially males. She knows that so many people admire her, and she’s playing with each of them — taking their hearts one time and dumping them on the next. Only, she does it so cleverly that you feel like you’re the one who’s doing something wrong. This type of girl is never satisfied with her partner, and always craving for a better one.

Pros: Your friends envy you for being able to have such a perfect girl. Your parents might not like her, but you deny every opinion that they have. You are proud to be standing next to her, for every guy admires her beauty and bubbly personality. She is an independent type and guys like it. Admit it, you like to know that you’re needed. In sum, she makes you feel like you’re her everything.

The Fashionista

Miss Fashionista is quite self-explanatory. This is the girl who loves shopping, wears fancy designers’ clothes, and yes, has a good sense of fashion. She prefers wearing high heels, makeup and never gets caught having that horrible just-woken-up look from the bed. She is likely to dictate her partner’s sense of style, and generally, has high expectations from guys.

This type of girl is sometimes selfish, but she is so good-looking that if you’re a girl, you want to look like her, and if you’re a guy, you want to be throwing your arms around her shoulder.

Pros: Your parents love her, and your friends envy you for having such a beauty by your side. She always smells good, and somehow it boosts your pride level. Usually, she is friendly, bubbly and you almost always skip a beat when you fetch her to a date, as she is always attractive. She is skinny and charming.

The Feminine

Miss Feminine is quite hard to be described because most guys have different sets of explanations of what they think of a feminine girl. Nevertheless, she usually likes to wear skirts, not shorts, and she has an old-fashioned dress style. She likes nude colors and has a very soft heart. She may be a little bit sensitive, but she is kind and gentle. In addition, she is a great cook, and her favorite drink is tea instead of coffee. This type of girl is sweet and pretty, and a little bit quiet.

Pros: Your friends envy you, and your parents love her. You are proud to be her partner because she always looks good. She is kind and she listens to your every complaint and ranting and does her job well as a supporter in a relationship. She cooks you fancy meals, and she doesn’t like to trouble you to fetch her up from some strange places if you literally can’t make it. Well, she understands.

The Adventurous

Miss Adventurous loves what most guys love. She is the sporty one, and she will be overjoyed to be having a date which consists of hiking or camping, or fishing or doing something new. She doesn’t really care about how she dresses and doesn’t have any problem in getting her hands dirty. She might have more male friends than female friends, but face it, most girls do not like what she likes to do. Also, she likes to travel, and watches science fiction movies and thinks that they are cool. This type of girl is a lot of fun to be with, and she can jump into guys’ conversations rather easily.

Pros: Your friends think that she is the coolest thing on earth. Odds are she is a gamer herself, or at least has some knowledge in games, and that fancies you. She accompanies you to your sports events, and she doesn’t mind having a KFC dinner instead of eating out at those fine-dining restaurants. She doesn’t spend much time in front of the mirror, and she will not leave you waiting for another 30 minutes just to change her clothes for the nth time.

The Sarcasm Queen

You will think she is serious but most times she is being sarcastic with her comments. This type of girl has no boundaries and she will make fun of you but of course she loves you. She is far from being fake and will always give you an honest opinion without taking any bull shit.

She stands by what she feels is right and can give you hard time if you mess with her unnecessarily. A sarcastic girl has the quality of looking at things rationally. This type of girl has a huge heart behind her bad ass attitude she shows to the world. However, only a few get a chance to know the real side of hers.

Pros: You can never have a low moment with her as she is such a cheerful lady who will keep your spirits high. Her honesty will win hearts as it is the best thing about her.

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