Your Under Eyes So Wrinkly?

A lot of people have wrinkles under the eyes. They are a natural part of the aging process and are not harmful.
With age, skin loses its ability to renew itself. The skin in the area under the eyes is very susceptible to the aging process because it is thin. As a result, under-eye wrinkles often appear over time.

under eye wrinkles

The skin under your eyes is extremely thin. As you get older, your skin loses collagen. This is a natural event. However, the effect is especially pronounced on the delicate skin around your eyes, resulting in the first fine lines or wrinkles you may notice on your face. Loss of elasticity in the skin around the eyes can also contribute to other unwanted features like puffiness and dark circles.

So why do you have deep fine lines or wrinkles under your eyes? This is the most common reason:

  1. Facial expressions
    Repeated facial expressions can also lead to lines and wrinkles in the eye area. Whenever you squint — say, if you smile or try to see something more clearly — indentations develop under the skin. Because collagen production slows down with age, the skin around the eyes eventually loses its ability to return to its place. Thus, creases begin to form.

Collagen is one of the most abundant protein found in our bodies. Present in bones, muscles, tendons, and the dermis (middle layer of skin), these proteins are responsible for forming the scaffold that provides firmness and structure to many of our body’s structures.

Elastin is a key extracellular matrix protein that is essential for the elasticity and resilience of many vertebrate tissues including large arteries, lungs, ligaments, tendons, skin, and elastic cartilage. Long story short: elastin makes your skin elastic and prevents wrinkling.

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are responsible for maintaining hydrated skin. In general, Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are a family of highly sulfated, complex, polydisperse linear polysaccharides that display a wide range of important biological roles. GAGs play an important role in allowing proteins — such as collagen and elastin — to do their jobs properly.

How to Treat Under-Eye Wrinkles



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